A Few Updates

I thought I’d share a few updates concerning some projects I’ve been working on.

First, as I announced on Facebook the other day, I’ve started a podcast which is accessible on SoundCloud and iTunes.  The intent of the podcast is to talk about similar issues as my blog.  I have 3 episodes up so far and will be adding more at the rate of 1 a week.

Second, I’ll be in the path of totality for the solar eclipse on Monday and will try to take some pictures, which I’ll post online.

Third, I’m about to release a new edition of my book “On This Rock” with some additional material, edits, and a new cover.  I first published the book in 2012 (after a few years of working on it), with a small revision coming out in 2014.  The new edition fixes some things I wasn’t happy about with the earlier versions and adds maps and other supplemental material.  It’ll be available starting September 1st in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.

Here’s a preview of the cover:


Thanks again for your continued support!

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