Book Club

Based on the survey responses, we’ll start our Book Club with C. S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity.” I hope you’ll join me!

We’ll use Goodreads to host the discussion forum, so just go to the link below to sign up and join the group (it’s free).

To start, check out the “Introductions” topic and introduce yourself. Each week, I’ll open up the other topics for discussion. Feel free to get any edition of “Mere Christianity” you want.

Here are the important dates:

– Sept 15th, opening of the “Week 1” discussion
– Sept 22nd, opening of the “Week 2” discussion
– Sept 29th, opening of the “Week 3” discussion
– Oct 6th or 7th, closing wrap-up (live broadcast)

I’ll do a live broadcast mid-week each week to talk about the previous week’s content.…/sh…/242417-st-polycarp-book-club