Thoughts on Life

Early Christianity and Today


I’ve been reading a book by Rodney Stark called “The Rise of Christianity.”  Stark is a sociologist by training, so he approaches the subject from this perspective.  He traces the rise of Christianity during the first few centuries AD. There are a number of points he makes that are thought-provoking for our present context.  Stark notes that the Roman culture …

Vegetable Garden


We planted a vegetable garden in our back yard earlier this year.  This is the second year we’ve done this.  It isn’t a large garden, but we do have cucumbers, zucchinis, peas, beans, tomatoes, and pumpkins.  So far this season, the cucumbers and zucchinis have been yielding the most, although the other vegetables are starting to come in. We planted …

Thoughts on Creation

Forest and Mountains

Have you ever thought about the fact that the Bible begins and ends with creation?  It’s most obvious in Genesis 1, when God speaks forth His Word and creates everything, with His Spirit hovering over the surface of the waters, ordering the new creation according to the Father’s will.  Then, in Revelation 21 we see, through the vision given to …