Free Christian Resources Online

Over the years, I’ve found some free resources online that I’ve found helpful, which I thought I’d share.  Please feel free to send me others that you’ve also found useful.



Bible Hub – Contains electronic versions of all the major English translations of the Bible.  It also provides the ability to easily search for passages and keywords. – If you like the English Standard Version (ESV), this is a site specifically for it.  The formatting is a little cleaner than Bible Hub, and there are also mobile apps available. – Contains the World English Bible (WEB) translation, a modern and accurate translation.  Printed versions are also available.



Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) – This site has a huge number of works in the public domain and offers the ability to view or download them in various formats.  Of particular interest to me is the “Church Fathers” section here.

Project Gutenberg – Similar to the CCEL, but has more categories than Christian books.  Christian books, however, are located here.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited – I like Amazon Kindle, because there are Kindle reading apps available for pretty much every device: computers, tablets, phones.  In addition, there are many books available for free as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.



Concordia Seminary St. Louis, iTunes University – A number of free audio and video classes are available, taught by seminary professors.  I actually used some of these classes to prepare for my seminary entrance exams a number of years ago.



The Lutheran Mind – Contains podcasts on a number of theological topics, presented by Lutheran seminary professors.

The Doctors of the Church – A Catholic podcast with Dr. Matthew Bunson which discusses the history and theology of the leading theologians of the Church, such as St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, and others.

Issues, Etc – Discusses a number of topics from a Lutheran perspective.


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