I Had Questions Too

Like everyone else, I had, and still have, questions about the Christian faith, Jesus Christ, the Church, and everything that those things bring with them.

These questions are what led to me writing books about these topics.  The truth is that all of the books I’ve written were born out of a particular set of struggles and questions I wanted answers to.  I wished that I had something which could easily answer them or provide a guide.  However, I couldn’t find anything that fit, so I ended up researching the answers myself, and this research then led to the creation of the books so that I could help others who had similar questions.

So, these were the questions or problems which I had and the books I wrote which answer them.  I hope these books are as helpful to you as they were to me in writing them:

  • What did people in Jesus’ time say about Jesus outside of the Bible?
  • What was the historical context leading up to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection?

On This Rock answers the questions above.

  • How is the Old Testament connected to the New Testament?
  • Is Jesus in the Old Testament?
  • How does Jesus fulfill the Old Testament?

The Christian Story answers the questions above.

  • How can our faith inform the way we live today?
  • What Biblical guidance is there for things like marriage, vocation, sickness, death, the government, etc…?

To the End of the Age answers the questions above.

  • Is there a simple guide to the Christian faith for kids, toddlers, and babies which isn’t “dumbed down,” but which focuses on the main essentials of the faith?

Christianity for KidsChristianity for Toddlers, and Christianity for Babies answers the question above.