My First Novel

My first novel is now available (Amazon print edition link, Kindle edition link).  By the way, if you have “Kindle Unlimited” from Amazon, then it should be free as part of that service.

In the past, I’ve enjoyed reading novels such as True Grit and King Solomon’s Mines.  They’re filled with a sense of adventure and a mission or goal which drives the story forward.  In True Grit, Mattie Ross seeks revenge on her father’s killer, going into wild territory with a U.S. Marshal and Texas Ranger to do so.  In King Solomon’s Mines, Allan Quatermaint travels into the unknown expanses of Africa with a small band of new-found friends in order to find one man’s brother and, consequently, the legendary mines of King Solomon.  The book is fantastic; don’t watch the (really bad) movies, read the book instead.

I wanted to capture some of the excitement and elements of these types of stories (particularly King Solomon’s Mines), but place them within a modern setting with the object of the search being something from the Bible.  As such, I thought Noah’s Ark would make an interesting item to search for: it has never been found, some doubt it even existed, and the search for it would take the characters into locales few Americans have been.  At the same time, I also wanted to explore issues related to who we are as people and who we are as the Church, using the story as the conduit to do so.

So, now the book is done and available.  I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it.



P.S. – There’s also a marketing site for the book at