Christian Apologetics

I’ve started on a project to re-publish some of the apologies of the Christian faith from the period of the early New Testament Church. The first is Tertullian’s Apology, and the second is a new edition of Justin Martyr’s First and Second Apologies.

Both Tertullian and Justin provide a strong defense of the Christian faith in light of Roman persecution. I’ve added my own notes and commentary to these new editions that I hope provide greater context to their times and arguments.

I plan on adding more works in this series. One thing that strikes me as I re-read these writers is the fact that they proceed with similarly structured arguments. They seek to show that the Roman persecution of Christians is unjust, that the Roman “gods” are not true gods, and that Christians worship the one true God. This type of defense of the faith is still applicable in our own time, with the variation that the false “gods” of our own time take slightly different forms than during Roman times. Perhaps this is a topic for a future book of my own.

You can view the new editions of these apologies by Tertullian and Justin on Amazon:

Tertullian’s Defense of the Christian Faith

The First and Second Apologies of Justin Martyr